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Exceptional landscaping. Fully fledged Clubhouse. Expansive Swimming Pool. Competition-standard Lawn Tennis Court. Myriad Indoor Games. Thoughtfully designed Kids' Play Area. Round-the-clock Security. Always-on Power . . . and much, much more. You buy a villa and get to be a part of an exceptional community in return.

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Buying a villa property in india

Misconceptions to Discard While Buying a Property in India

Buying a property is a huge step in one’s life. But how do you make sure that you are making a safe and secure decision while selecting a home? The first step is to verify any rumors that you may have come across with regards to the luxury independent houses in Hyderabad real estate scenario and rules in India. Here are a few misconceptions to discard while buying a property in India:   1. The “affordability” misconception: The most prevalent misconception is that...

Expectations of next generation home owners1

Expectations of Next Generation (Millennials) Home Owners

Selfies. Social Media. Start-ups. The next generation, fondly referred to as millennials are not obsessed only with the aforesaid concepts. Being tech-savvy along with being environmentally conscious and striving for a communal living while enjoying the bliss of privacy – these are the broad principles that influence the choices of the next generation even when it comes to buying luxury independent houses in Hyderabad.   HERE ARE THE EXPECTATIONS OF NEXT GENERATION HOMEOWNERS: 1. A house that grows: Millennials don’t just believe in...

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Solar Powered Homes Despite your 9 to 5 work schedule and even without joining an NGO, you can still help in saving the planet. Wondering how? All you need to do is to get innovative and switch to tapping energy directly from the biggest source of power – the Sun. Go solar, be cooler. Here’s How You Can Use Solar Energy in luxury villas Hyderabad:   Solar Lights: Opting for solar lights and lamps especially in your garden, balconies, terrace and security areas...