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Solar Powered Homes

Despite your 9 to 5 work schedule and even without joining an NGO, you can still help in saving the planet. Wondering how? All you need to do is to get innovative and switch to tapping energy directly from the biggest source of power – the Sun. Go solar, be cooler.

Here’s How You Can Use Solar Energy in luxury villas Hyderabad:


  • Solar Lights: Opting for solar lights and lamps especially in your garden, balconies, terrace and security areas will not only cut down your electricity bill but also add a smart and edgy look to your home’s landscape. Moreover, investing in reputed solar home lighting systems can allow you to power up the lights within your house, your TV and AC as well. The best part about these systems is that they come with effective batteries that store up to 6 hours of electricity to ensure a bright night. Plus, modern solar lighting systems come with in-built charge controllers that take care of the AC/ DC conversions in a hassle-free manner.


  • Solar Cooker and Oven: Yes! Now you can make your own solar oven too in which you can make even canned fruits, jams, and jellies. A solar cooker might look like a tedious affair but in reality, is very easy to assimilate. Don’t let the name “cooker” limit your creativity. A solar cooker can also be used for purifying water; heating water for baths and clothes wash; and sterilizing grains. Last but not least, apart from using zero fuel, a solar cooker applies the technique of slow cooking. It’s the best cooking technique that prevents raw food ingredients from losing their nutrients.


  • Solar Water Heater: Conventional water heaters – geysers and emersion rods – unfortunately not only use a lot of electricity but also have a huge toll on your current bill. Interestingly, the current solar heater models are smart enough in creating and preserving power from the sun even during unpredictable weather and cloudy days. In the long run, it leads to a sizable financial gain as its presence increases the value of your house while leasing it or reselling it.

Luxury Villas Solar powered homes2

  • Solar Chargers: Thanks to today’s technology, you can now recharge your phones, portable music players, etc. with the help of a solar phone charger. Even if you are used to charging your phone in the night, a solar charger can do that too sans the sun.

These amenities have become a regular part of homes abroad and it’s high time India rose up to the power of Solar energy. You can implement any of these ideas in the independent villas in Attapur.

Though the initial investment for installing solar energy equipment might seem high as stated by Bonnie Raitt, “Solar power is the last energy resource that isn’t owned yet – nobody taxes the sun yet.” So, make hay (read energy) while the sun shines and opt for construction ventures like Levonor, with luxury villas in Hyderabad for sale that makes solar energy in homes a possibility.





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