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It is the perfect time to invest in Telangana – The Youngest State of India!

telangana real estate business

It is the perfect time to invest in Telangana – The Youngest State of India!

Telangana formed barely a few years ago, and already it has become the hub for investment for different businesses and real estate. Their transparent tax policies and efficient approval times for projects have made the state a great place to invest in.

Telangana continues to top charts with a massive 79% growth in attracting investments, so let’s analyze the situation of investment in Telangana.

Fierce Competition for Neighbors

Its neighboring states Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh have had fierce competition when it comes to investment now that Telangana has entered the market. Their policies on transparency have made a difference for the state to flourish.

While the neighboring region of Karnataka gave Amazon and Flipkart a hard time with the tax departments, Telangana has been most supportive of the companies. The lack of clarity made it impossible for Flipkart to flourish effectively, while Telangana gave the company space to grow.

Hyderabad has become the most attractive hub for a variety of industries like aviation, retail, and e-commerce. Giants like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Uber, and Apple have also invested in the city and opened up development centers. Local e-commerce firms like Flipkart have also spent in the town.

Why Do You Need to Invest?

There are some reasons why you need to invest in the state on Telangana which include:

  • Price correction: There is a lot of unsold land in the state which makes it a hot spot for real estate. The prices in Hyderabad are low in comparison with cities like Mumbai but have a future for returns on the price with huge profits. Since the land is cheap, investment for new business could be very efficient as the capital for the property will be significantly reduced. Even rental options for startup business are great and can help keep you within budget.  If you are thinking of investing in the real estate market in the city, you can’t go wrong with luxury villas in Hyderabad.  They are the next significant investment opportunity with low prices and high returns.
  • Commercial growth: The market in the state is exploding with opportunities, and this is inviting new launches in the state. The entry of giants, startups and everything in between is making the marketplace thrive to its full potential. This exposes the market to new customers and clientele which can be an excellent opportunity for you to invest.
  • New avenues: Housing and service demands continue to rise in the state making it a great time to invest in luxury villas in Hyderabad. Employment opportunities, construction costs, affordable prices, newer companies, and much more make it a place where people will want to come. This makes the state a great place to invest in, especially since the real estate business is booming.
  • Government response: The government is motivated in encouraging companies to invest in the state. They continue to introduce newer policies and laws which make the market for real estate better with the Real Estate Act of 2016 or Land Management Systems in place, the state is thriving. Tax policies and project approvals also make it easier to invest in Telangana.

India may have just landed a jackpot when considering the booming businesses and investment opportunities in Telangana. The state is bent on utilizing its resources to become the best place to invest in, so what are you waiting for? Invest in the youngest state in India now!

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