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Irresistible Luxury Home Upgrades for Buyers

Iresistable Luxury home upgrades1

Irresistible Luxury Home Upgrades for Buyers

Luxury home Upgrades in Hyderabad

Technology-driven security systems, solar water heaters, LED sensor lightings are all home upgrade ideas of the past now! Want to know what the latest fads are? Continue reading to know about more innovative, cost-effective and the latest techniques of upgrading your house. Read on to know how you can furnish and style villas for sale in Attapur.

Here are some irresistible luxury home upgrades:


  • A Roof with a View: Yes! We are talking about roof windows or skylights. These are ideal if you have a gable roof. Roof windows add to the radiance of your home décor by allowing more sunlight to enter the house. You could either opt for a fixed skylight (that does not open) and ornate the window with a beautiful glass painting. While a ventilated skylight (openable window) is always the best option especially for the kitchen, bathroom and attic, where you do need fresh air apart from light. The most amazing type is the tubular skylight which allows sunlight to enter from one part of the house and directs it to your desired portion of the house, just like a periscope. In short, skylights improve ventilation, reduce electricity consumption, add to the home’s natural beauty and increase your absorption of Vitamin D. Buy a villa in Hyderabad and consider implementing this!


Luxury home upgrades2


  • The Green Caress for Your Terrace: Flower pots arranged on the tank wall in layered shelves or steps; flame vines and/ or bougainvillaea sprawling down the parapets; an enchanting shade made only out of Chinese Wisteria – these simple luxury home upgrades can turn your ordinary terrace roof into the perfect eco-friendly hangout area for your home.




Luxury home upgrades3

  • A Cool Kitchen: Love to cook on the barbeque or charcoal grill but can’t due to the fear of spoiling your walls? Installing an outdoor kitchen in the backyard is surely meant for you. It not only facilitates cozy borne-fire parties but also makes your cooking experience more exciting and less suffocating!



Luxury home upgrades4

Let Your House Breathe: Upgrade your house’s health quotient by equipping it with electrostatic air filters. These devices not only help to purify the air you breathe but also aide in keeping home furnishings dust-free to a great extent. Such air filters become even more crucial if there is an under-construction site near your house. Being a low-maintenance device, you don’t need to keep replacing the filter in electrostatic air purifiers. The filters can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.


Luxury home upgrades5

  • The Reading Patio: A glazed patio adorned with ceiling to floor bookshelves; a study table; a bean bag – an ideal way of converting your dull, idle side patio into an attractive and unique outdoor library. This is the perfect solution if you don’t have enough space to dedicate an entire room for a study.



These luxury home upgrades won’t only give your home a deluxe and extravagant look but will also extensively escalate its market value. Wondering where to buy your dream home that can effectively facilitate these upgrades? Consider buying luxury independent houses in Hyderabad in the upcoming area of Attapur. Get in touch with only the best – Levonor.

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