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Expectations of Next Generation (Millennials) Home Owners

Expectations of next generation home owners1

Expectations of Next Generation (Millennials) Home Owners

Selfies. Social Media. Start-ups. The next generation, fondly referred to as millennials are not obsessed only with the aforesaid concepts. Being tech-savvy along with being environmentally conscious and striving for a communal living while enjoying the bliss of privacy – these are the broad principles that influence the choices of the next generation even when it comes to buying luxury independent houses in Hyderabad.



1. A house that grows: Millennials don’t just believe in following their passion but also in showing compassion, especially to nature. They are the game changers and hence believe in really doing something to save the planet. This includes investing in a house that can facilitate their gardening dreams in such a manner that they not only get a chance to add to nature but also aesthetically decorate their homes (balconies and terraces) with natural treasures.


  1. Expectations of next generation home owners22. A green kitchen: A provision for a kitchen garden is an added advantage since the trend of “growing your own food” seems to be getting a lot of attention by health-conscious millennials, all thanks to organic food campaign making it mainstream. This means that builders who come up with innovative ideas for providing rain-water harvesting structures, and neighbor-friendly compost-making solutions in luxury independent houses in Hyderabad, have a better chance of attracting millennials.



3. Here a quack, there a quack, everywhere a quack-quack: Millennials may not be Old MacDonald to own an entire farm, but they sure do look to buy luxury villas in Hyderabad that can happily accommodate their pets. Easy-to-clean flooring; roomy alcoves or cabinets that are exclusively meant for storing pet-related ration; a garden or a walking path nearby; and inbuilt pet doors or flaps are some of the pet-friendly features sought while buying a home.


Expectations of next generation home owners4. Multitasking furnishings: Being multitaskers themselves, millennials prefer home furnishings (cabinets, drawers, counters, etc.) that:

a.) Have a simple yet chic design

b.) Can be used for more than one purpose

c.) Facilitate space management, elegantly


5. An eco-friendly house: A home that equips and utilizes solar energy as far as possible; use of non-toxic paints and sustainable building materials – these are a few things that make a house eco-friendly, an aspect that really appeals to the next gen.


Expectations of next generation home owners4

6. A smart home: Millennials are simply fascinated by home appliances, systems and fittings that are automatic, command-oriented, interactive, wi-fi enabled or in short, technologically updated and infused. Since the next generation spends a lot of time on their smartphones, the ability to manage the entire home’s security and electrical systems with their mobile devices is something that millennials just can’t resist



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